Alan Wake Update

I finished my non-achievement seeking play through of Alan Wake today.  Alan Wake only has one game mode, so to complete this play through, I played the game on the “normal” difficulty setting.  While the game isn’t a cakewalk, it’s not particularly challenging on normal mode either, so this was pretty easy to finish.  Alan Wake has a great story and I had a lot of fun playing it, but I’ll get more into that when I write my review.

I unlocked 29 of the 50 (without DLC) achievements for a total of 465 gamerscore.  The achievements I unlocked are:

  1. Departure

    You completed the game on Normal difficulty.

    40 UNLOCKED ON 12/31/2013

  2. Tornado Wrangler

    Tornado Wrangler
    You calmed the fury of the storm.

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/31/2013

  3. The Lady of the Light

    The Lady of the Light
    Cynthia Weaver has taken you to the Well-Lit Room.

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/31/2013

  4. Come One, Come All

    Come One, Come All
    You wiped out four Taken with a single flare.

    10 UNLOCKED ON 12/31/2013

  5. If It Flies, It Burns

    If It Flies, It Burns
    Not a bird lover, are you?

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/31/2013

  6. Gatekeeper

    Truly, you are the master of floodgates.

    10 UNLOCKED ON 12/31/2013

  7. Thunder and Lightning

    Thunder and Lightning
    50 Taken have felt your fury. Also, your flashbangs.

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/31/2013

  8. Perchance to Dream

    Perchance to Dream
    Oh, so THAT’S what happened.

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  9. It's Not Just a Typewriter Brand

    It’s Not Just a Typewriter Brand
    QWERTY? DVORAK? 50 Taken know it’s neither.

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  10. Collateral Carnage

    Collateral Carnage
    20 Taken have been drowned, electrocuted, or dispatched by some other indirect means.

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  11. Boob Tube

    Boob Tube
    You checked out some important messages.

    5 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  12. Wheels Within Wheels

    Wheels Within Wheels
    You found the kidnapper, but what he had to say wasn’t what you wanted to hear.

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  13. Back! Back, I Say!

    Back! Back, I Say!
    You bought yourself some breathing time with a flare.

    10 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  14. Energized!

    You changed batteries 100 times.

    10 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  15. Iron Horse

    Iron Horse
    You made the train engine run out of steam.

    10 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  16. They're Heeeeeere!

    They’re Heeeeeere!
    You have destroyed 20 poltergeist objects.

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  17. Right of Way

    Right of Way
    You have peeled 15 Taken off your bumper.

    10 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  18. The Six-Gun Scribe

    The Six-Gun Scribe
    You capped 100 Taken with the revolver.

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  19. Damn Good Cup of Coffee

    Damn Good Cup of Coffee
    You have found 25 coffee thermoses.

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  20. Two For the Price of One

    Two For the Price of One
    You took out two Taken with a single barrel.

    10 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  21. Float Like a Butterfly

    Float Like a Butterfly
    You avoided getting hit — with style!

    15 UNLOCKED ON 12/30/2013

  22. Park Ranger

    Park Ranger
    You survived Elderwood National Park.

    15 UNLOCKED ON 12/29/2013

  23. Paging Mr. Wake

    Paging Mr. Wake
    You have discovered 25 manuscript pages.

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/29/2013

  24. Finders Keepers

    Finders Keepers
    You have discovered five of the hidden chests.

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/29/2013

  25. Under a Thin Layer of Skin

    Under a Thin Layer of Skin
    You disobeyed the park ranger’s instructions.

    10 UNLOCKED ON 12/29/2013

  26. Bright Falls' Finest

    Bright Falls’ Finest
    You finally managed to make that phone call.

    20 UNLOCKED ON 12/29/2013

  27. Nordic Walking

    Nordic Walking
    Unlike Stucky, you enjoy incontestable health benefits. Namely, you’re not dead.

    10 UNLOCKED ON 12/29/2013

  28. Let There Be Light

    Let There Be Light
    You have restored power.

    10 UNLOCKED ON 12/29/2013

  29. Follow the Light

    Follow the Light
    You were enlightened by a dream.

    10 UNLOCKED ON 11/2/2013

My updated True Achievements stats are:

ErdricksDescent has won 181 Achievements out of a possible 5,770 (3.14% Completion – 5,589 remaining)

ErdricksDescent has a GamerScore of 2,543 out of a possible 127,600 (1.99% Completion – 125,057 remaining)

ErdricksDescent has a TrueAchievement score of 2,847 out of a possible 251,542 (1.13% Completion – 248,695 remaining)

I am now .7% to my 100000 gamerscore goal and 31.3% to my January goal of 4000 gamerscore.  Next up, I will attempt to unlock the remaining 21 achievements.

Alan Wake Update

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  1. […] Wake today for a total of 50 achievements and 1000 gamerscore.  I popped 29 of the 50 during my non-achievement seeking play through.  I picked up most of the remaining 21 achievements by playing the game a second time on […]

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