25 Hour Video Game Marathon Begins

My 25 hour video game marathon begins at 1 PM CST today and will conclude at 1 PM CST tomorrow. Thanks to the end of daylight savings time, the marathon gets an extra hour this year. During that time I will attempt to play 25 hours of video games, stopping only to eat and take care of other bodily functions, and throw in an occasional stretch break. I will update this post throughout the day to let you know what I’ve been playing.

If you’d like to make a last minute donation, here is the link:


13:00 – I kick off the marathon with Alan Wake for the Xbox 360.

14:48 – popped my first achievements in Alan Wake and Alpha Protocal. Going to take a quick lunch break and then resume the marathon with Assassin’s Creed.

16:44 – achievements popped in Assassin’s Creed I & I I & Revelations. Marathon continues after a stretch break with Band Hero.

18:58 – six hours down, 19 hours to go! Since the last update I took another food break and popped achievements in Band Hero & Bioshock 1 & 2. Now for a stretch break and then the 7th hour kicks off with Bioshock Infinite.

20:30 – achievements for Bioshock Infinite and Blue Dragon are on the books. Going to give the 360 a break and switch over to the laptop for some Civ III.

23:00 – thanks to only getting 4 hours sleep last night, I decided I better get a power nap in, rather than playing Civ III, so new official marathon ending time is 3:30 PM CST. Marathon resumes on the 360 with Borderlands!

01:00 – achievements achieved in Borderlands 1 & 2 & Bully. Next up is Call of Duty 2!

01:16 – Call of Duty 2, 3, MW 1, 2, 3 & WOW achievements unlocked. Daylight savings time is here! Took me a minute to figure that time warp out lol. Next up is Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.

03:40 – Achievements unlocked in Call of Juarez: BIB, Civilization Revolution, Dante’s Inferno, & Darksiders 1 & 2. Going to take a snack break and then switch over to some iPad games to give my 360 and my hands a rest. First up on the iPad will be Candy Crush Saga.

05:00 – played some candy crush and solitaire blitz on my iPad. Going to wimp out and take a sleep break. 14.5 hours of gaming down….10.5 hours to go!

13:30 – looks like my marathon has turned into two half marathons. With 10.5 hours of gaming to go, today’s marathon should conclude at 11 PM CST. I’ll be kicking things off on the 360 with Dead Island.

16:30 – food break and still playing Dead Island. Next up, more dead island!

19:48 – finally popped a dead island achievement and also achievements in dead space & dead space 2. Next up is Defiance.

21:15 – waiting on defiance patches to download and install. Up next….actually playing Defiance….I hope!

23:30 – Extra Life 2013 marathon concludes with achievements in Defiance and Deus Ex.

That’s a wrap! The Extra Life event raised more than 3 million dollars! I look forward to participating again next year. In the mean time, the quest continues!

video game marathon

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